10 Emotions of The Funderdome Experience

10 Emotions of The Funderdome Experience

10 Emotions of The Funderdome Experience

Jun 20th 2017 by Craig Rabin

The Airhook for the WIN! What a blessing to not only be selected as a contestant on “Steve Harvey’s Funderdome", but then to become the first winner in the history!?! Damn.

The day of the viewing party was filled with emotion. Here are the ten I felt most as the day came to be:

  • First, sleepy. I don’t think I slept at all the night before the show aired! I had so many things running through my mind, from our website scaling properly to how fulfillment would work with the rush. We only had a few weeks head notice when we found out we’d be on the show – would all of our preparations pay off?
  • Second, excitement. I headed to the airport to pick-up one of two friends that flew in for this special moment. I was honored to have two childhood friends, SUPER early business partners, and men I consider my brothers, with me for this very special milestone.
  • Third, well, hungry! It was noon what did you expect.
  • Fourth, anxious. Come about 2pm Pacific the constant clock checking began. As we counted down to the east coast airing we took in a few sites around Seattle. My mind was clearly not in entertainment mode as my friends kept asking me if I was ok! I was indeed, but felt butterflies in my stomach like I was on my very first date.
  • Firth, READY! We were minutes until the show aired on the east coast. Even though we couldn’t see it on the west coast, we all gathered in front of my computer to see what kind of traffic we received.
  • Sixth, kinda loud. After a couple of minutes of being on the east coast airing, our web numbers began to double by the minute. Each time it doubled, I yelled a little Airhook chant. If my neighbors are reading this, I’m sorry I’m not sorry ;)
  • Seventh, pumped and ready for party time! We had a fantastic crowd of family, friends, past colleagues, and the entire team that aided me along The Airhook’s journey. It was so amazing to see everyone in the same room and introduce one another. There was so much love in the room I had a take a few instances to pinch myself.
  • Eighth, LIKE A WINNER! When Steve Harvey announced the winner the room erupted! Watch the video below to see what it was like in the heat of the moment!
  • Ninth, motivated. I kept getting asked if I felt like “I’d made it”. No! This was not the end goal, this was not the finish line of a sprint. This was a super exciting checkpoint in a marathon I’ve been running since I was 16 and started my first company. Since, I’ve gone on to start 11 different companies in my chase of the dream to be an entrepreneur & make an impact on the world. There have been many low points where I wanted to quit and many high points where I really saw my work changing those around me. It’s in these highs that we need to become motivated to run faster to the next mark!
  • Last and most important, love. I ended the day with my head on the pillow thinking about love. About my mother. About how proud she would be of her baby boy. The cancer ribbon I wear on the show is for her. It’s in her honor and in honor of everyone who has lost someone to cancer. WE WILL BEAT THIS HORRIBLE DISEASE TOGETHER!

And that was my day. I appreciate everyone who wrote in, texted, or emailed in amazing comments and words of support. Couldn’t have done it without you.

When The Airhook won in the Funderdome, we all did.

Craig Rabin

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