8 Travel Hacks To Step Your Game Up

8 Travel Hacks To Step Your Game Up

8 Travel Hacks To Step Your Game Up

Apr 25th 2017 by The Airhook Team

Travel Hack: Noun. A clever solution for a travel related problem.

If you search the internet you'll find dozens (if not hundreds) of articles on Travel Hacks that can save you time, money, and energy. Many of these posts focus on how to book cheaper fights and use the term 'hack' as related to computers. The select few that focus on physical things that can be done often have the same tips... roll your clothes when packing, stuff shoes in your luggage with socks, roll up money and store it in an empty chap stick container, etc. 

So The Airhook Team got together and thought of all the quirky things that we do when traveling. Below are 8 Travel Hacks that we didn't see anywhere else, listed next to their original problem, that'll bring your travel game to the next level! 

Forgot the wall plug attachment for your phone/tablet cable? There is a USB connection on the back of your TV that you can plug into, which will charge your device without the need for the wall plug.

Sick of spending money at the airport? Food of nearly any shape and size can be brought through security. Save money and pack your own meal before heading out. 

Want to take a beverage through security? TSA limits liquids to 3 ounces or less, but you can bring an empty water bottle that can be filled up at a water fountain post security. For added flavor, bring single serving powder mixes too.

Do your dirty clothes make your suitcase smell? Pack a few dryer sheets in your luggage so that your dirty clothes don't stink up the place.

Tired of playing luggage roulette at baggage claim since every bag looks the same? Wrap something unique around the handle of your bag like ribbon, a garbage bag tie, or even a few rounds of duck tape to set it apart from the rest.

Have you ever lost a cuff link, ring, or piece of jewelry in your bag? Use an empty pill container to keep your valuables in one place, separate & safe.

Working from the hotel and used to two monitors? Use your room's TV as a second monitor by bringing a VGA (or whatever your laptops output is) to HDMI cable and plugging in to the TV as its second HDMI input.  

Power cords out of control? Use a small bag (like a crown royal bag) or an old sunglasses case to keep all of your cords neat and in one place.

What Travel Hacks do you find yourself using? Share them with us by emailing we@theairhook.com and we'll add them to a future blog post. Thanks for reading!

Safe and convenient travels! 

The Airhook Team

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