The Value of Change

The Value of Change

The Value of Change

Mar 19th 2018 by The Airhook Team

From a young age I was always taught to help those in need. As an adult I’ve come to live by the idea that it’s always harder to ask for help then it ever will be to give it. If you have the ability to help, do it.

Where I may have been off is my definition of help. Monetary (or possession) donations to charity are the immediate thought, then time donated to shelters and clubs, but…. then what? Off course a warm meal and a roof over one’s head fall in there, but we’re still talking about tangible things.

What about when making change, positive change in the world, as a form of help… does the same concept apply? Does the desire to make change often outweigh the amount of change we actually make?

It’s a tough concept to crack, especially in a world in need of change, and fun to think about.

These thoughts transpired a couple weeks ago when The Airhook had a booth at the International Travel Goods Show. It was an exciting show and great to see familiar colleagues and clients from the previous year. What was unexpected was the feedback! Dozens of people had either seen “Steve Harvey’s Funderdome” on ABC or The Airhook’s appearance on HSN and were ecstatic to see things moving in such a great trajectory! A few even mentioned it was an inspiration to see someone follow-through on their ideas and motivation for them to keep pushing forward. I was speechless!

These amazing individuals never asked me for help, but yet the way I ran my business helped them shape theirs. My desire to change inflight travel convenience grew outside of the plane and into their lives. At that moment, the level of change accomplished seemed much larger then my desires!

But… then I wanted MORE! How interesting that when you put positive energy into the things you do, others get to enjoy those rewards too. And quickly my desire to create change was more than I’d actually made :)

So, perhaps creating change and providing help are like a teeter totter. Sometimes you’re up and desire to create both, sometimes you are low and need to receive both. What are your thoughts? Share them with us by emailing

Thanks for reading; have a great rest of your day!

Safe and convenient travels!

The Airhook Team

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