Travel For FREE: The Power Of Rewards

Travel For FREE: The Power Of Rewards

Travel For FREE: The Power Of Rewards

Mar 23rd 2017 by The Airhook Team

It's no secret that nearly everyone loves to travel, but the problem is it costs so bloody much! The good news is that more and more companies are offering loyalty reward programs. When used correctly, these programs can open the doors to new kinds of travel adventures. We've listed our best tips below on the most popular travel services most spend money on; use these secrets and watch your rewards fly in! :)


  • First is a no brainer, airline mileage programs that reward you per mile traveled. After a few flights using your mileage account, you’ll be able to fly in luxury by booking a coach ticket and then using your reward miles for an upgrade to first class or a free one-way ticket. Pro tip: it costs the same amount of reward miles to upgrade classes regardless of distance traveled, so save your upgrades for the long haul.
  • Next, we have credit card mileage bonuses. You’re not going to pay in cash, so charge your ticket with a credit card that offers rewards specifically when you make airfare purchase. Some even offer 2-3 reward miles per $1 spent. Pro tip, if your airline of choice has a credit card, use this to purchase airfare and watch your rewards quadruple. 


  • If you are staying at a larger hotel chain, hotel loyalty programs are great. With these programs, you’ll earn points that can be redeemed for free nights. Some are so lucrative you can earn a free night every time you stay just a few. So, if you know where you will be traveling for the year look for a hotel chain that is in the majority of cities in advance and earn points year round. Pro tip, if you’re traveling for work and your company doesn’t use a corporate loyalty program – use your own!
  • For smaller hotels or those without loyalty programs (ex: Airbnb), you can still use credit card transaction rewards to earn points based on the amount of money you spend. Look for a credit card that offers 1 reward mile or 1 point per $1 charged. Credit card reward points can be redeemed for travel vouchers or gift certificates similar to airline mileage programs. Pro tip, if you travel to the same location enough, try to get to know the staff. You’d be surprised how easy it is to get a completely upgrade to a nicer room!

Car Rental:

  • Just like the others, rental car companies have loyalty programs that will earn you free rental days or car upgrades. Pro tip, if you see a spot for airline loyalty number on your car reservation form, don’t overlook it! Some rental car companies have partnerships with airlines and you’ll earn reward miles too.
  • There is always coupons out there too. Simply type the name of the car rental company and 'rental discounts' or 'free rental upgrade codes' on your search engine of choice.

Airport Parking:

  • The majority of travelers don’t park at the airport, they park at locations near the airport for incredible savings. Make sure to do your research first, because a small handful of these parking lots will also offer loyalty programs that’ll reward you free days. Pro tip, the number of points needed to redeem for a free day will go up during the holidays, but the actual cost in cash will not. Redeem points during the off season to maximize savings.

Other/General Expenses:

  • Make sure your credit card offers reward points or miles for every dollar you spend. Some credit cards will offer more points based on the expense category (travel, grocery, fuel, etc.) and you can choose the right credit card based on where you spend the most. It’s best to get more than one credit card if you fund multiple large expense categories so you’ll maximize reward potential. Pro tip, if you travel for work and have the option between reimbursements vs. having a corporate card, go with reimbursements so you get to keep all of the reward points!

Have any questions on the tips noted above? Did we miss anything you use? Send over a note letting us know and not only will we incorporate it into a future review, but we’ll send you an Airhook discount code for a future order to say thanks!

Now get out there and start traveling! Make sure you pick up your Airhook beforehand and fly in luxury!

Safe and convenient travels!

The Airhook Team

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