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how to use the airhook & the crossbar


airhook 2.0 installation

1) Place anchor over the top, close and lock tray table.  

2) Push stabilizer bar against tray table surface.

3) Adjust Airhook to desired support angle, tighten lower knob.

4) Slide electronics device onto Airhook perch. Pull device anchor over top of device.

5) Push rear tension button and pull bungee downward to tighten onto device. 

7) Adjust device perch to desired viewing angle, tighten upper knob.

8) Place your beverage in the cup holder or loosen lower knob and push cup holder into Convertible Mode.

Setting Up The Crossbar

Use The Crossbar with your Airhook, fits between a vehicle's headrest bars and also between your luggage handlebars!

1) Insert Crossbar between the bars of your vehicle’s headrest..

2) Pull lever back to release spring tension. 

3) When movement is no longer possible, push lever to lock into place.

4) Insert The Airhook’s tray table anchor into the back opening.

5) Place The Airhook’s stabilizer bar on The Crossbar’s front ledge or directly on your seat.

Standard Tray Tables

Place closer to locking mechanism on loose or older tray tables.

First Class, Bulk Head, and Exit Row

Use for device support only. Fold flat as if to store, extend device support perch, insert device into bungee, and set viewing angle.

Upper Magazine Rack

(ex. Alaska Airlines) The Airhook needs to be as close to center as possible. Use right next to the tray table locking mechanism.

Seat-Back Monitors

(ex. Virgin) With The Airhook's separate device perch, your entire setup will be outside of the seat's 'screen area' with no limitation to either.

Half Tray Tables

(ex. Frontier) Use for device support onlyLower tray table and insert The Airhook's tray table support between the tray table and the support bar.

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